With the next set of ITOUG events looming on the horizon – yes, it’s a mere 8.5 weeks away! – it is time to take a closer look at Analytics & Big Data track. Or simply: the Data Analytics track.

Back in the summer when the call for paper was running we realized quite quickly that building the agenda would be a challenge as the submissions just kept coming and we ended up with 30 entries. As we can’t run the event over multiple days, 8 full-length presentations and 4 TED-style talks of 10 minutes made the final cut. Two presentations will be a region-exclusive talk due to speaker availability:

Agenda Milano
Agenda Roma

In no particular order:


Brendan Tierney: “Putting machine learning into production – the good the bad and the ugly”

Brendan’s (Ireland) talk will cover what you won’t read in “CIO magazine”, “Buzzword Weekly” or in “Gosh, add this to your CV”-type flyers from post-grad study offers. The real world around machine learning. Especially how to productize things and integrate them into your business processes and your organization as a whole. The critical bits which make an initiative successful but never make it into a Gartner quadrant.

Brendan Tierney and Neil Chandler: “REST enabled Neural Networks in Oracle 18c”

A Milan-exclusive, this joint talk with Brendan and Neil (UK) focuses on the Oracle Data Warehouse Cloud Service and Oracle 18c Database. For both products the available capabilities and options of Oracle Advanced Analytics, Oracle Machine Learning and R will be explored and mapped out. Furthermore, Brendan and Neil will demonstrate how these functionalities can easily be made available across the organization via REST services.

Hans Viehmann: “Making Sense of Location: Tracking, Visualizing & Analyzing Objects in 2D, 3D & 4D”

Hans (Germany) is a Product Manager for Oracle Spatial and Graph and will lead us on a journey through the various products he is managing. Exploiting location-based information takes on a new meaning when extending it to IOT-generated content and looking at data flows from a geographical/positional point of view over time. Storage as well as subject oriented analysis with bespoke techniques and functions becomes a key distinguishing capability.

Under the hood with Dr. Mike

Mike Durran: “Augmented Self-Service Data Preparation in Oracle Analytics Cloud”

Our second representative from Oracle Product Management is Mike Durran (UK) will go on an in-depth exploration and explanation of one of the more and more pervasive features of the Oracle Analytics Cloud product: data preparation. From CSV, over classical on-premises databases, to cloud-based data stores, he will elaborate on how data flows and augmented ML is baked into the product to alleviate the pain of getting all relevant data together and in analyzable form. This talk will only be held in Rome.

Daan Bakboord: “Challenges and Pitfalls of Data Visualization”

Another of the “Don’t do this at home, kids” talks comes from Daan Bakboord (The Netherlands). It’s always way more fun to learn how to do things properly by watching other people make mistakes rather than making your own ones. Just like data modelling and data engineering can be done wrong, so can be data visualization. With sometimes hilarious results that Daan will showcase and remedy.

Actual head size may vary

Gianni Ceresa: “When Machine Learning meets Graph Databases”

On the other end of the spectrum we have a talk of the “You’re doing ML? Hold my beer!” category. Gianni (Switzerland) takes things yet another step further and extends the utilization of ML from the more classical world of relational and unstructured data into the realm of property graphs in the context of the Oracle Graph Database. He’ll leads the audience through several use cases and highlight important key features.

Francesco Tisiot: “Is it Corked? Wine Machine Learning Predictions with OAC”

Beer can’t cork, Francesco…

As a famous descendant of the inventor of the pineapple pizza, Francesco (Italy) will take his culinary heritage a step further and completely ruin wine for you. He will take us through the whole process of applying a machine learning model to a wine rating data set end-to-end. Starting from raw data over the preparation end engineering up to the creation of a predictive model to be applied against new wines. Without code. No R, no Python.

Christian Berg: “Buzzword Bingo or Reality? OAC ADW ODA Combined”

Whoever made this – thank you

Finally, I (the quota austro-german-swiss) will be talking about the underpinnings of a solution combining the Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse, Oracle Digital Assistant, and Oracle Analytics Cloud. In another end-to-end walk-through I will show you how all these different technologies were set up and used in conjunction to allow chatbots to process and access analytical content on the fly in order to deliver real-time analytics to clients and stakeholders.

Rounding out the presentation offer we have four TED-style talks:
HELP! How can I resolve my Oracle Analytics issues? – Joel Acha
REST enabling in-Database Machine Learning models – Brendan Tierney
Relational DB vs Graph DB: And The Winner Is? – Gianni Ceresa
I AM SPARTACUS – Making sense of IDCS – Christian Berg

A big thank-you at this stage to the presenter of the fifth TED talk: Jennifer Nicholson (USA) who comes to italy for the first time as representative of the Oracle ACE program. She will personally present the program she leads to the audience and maybe – hopefully – inspire several of you to join the ever growing community of speakers and contributors who make the world of Oracle products so vibrant and fast-moving.